Aircraft carrier harry truman


Command of the US Navy announced the resumption of strikes on Syria

The US Navy carrier strike team has approached the shores of Syria.

According to official data from the US Navy Command, the US Navy carrier strike group led by the nuclear aircraft carrier Harry Truman entered the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The main purpose of the presence of the carrier strike group off the coast of Syria is to strike at the positions of the Islamic State terrorists (ISIS, a terrorist group whose activities are prohibited in Russia - ed.) As part of the Unshakable Determination military operation.

Earlier, the American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" took part in NATO military exercises "Trident Juncture 2018" off the coast of Norway, but had to leave the territorial waters of Norway before the end of the maneuvers because of the approaching storm.

Analysts do not rule out that the US military together with the Israeli military are preparing to launch new missile and air strikes on the territory of Syria, and their main goal will be the positions of the C-300 Favorit anti-aircraft missile systems, which appeared less than two months ago.

It was previously reported that the American aircraft carrier "Harry Truman" was forced to change its position in the eastern part of the Mediterranean due to the impact of Russian EW complexes.