The Ukrainian Navy


The command of the Ukrainian Navy announced the dispatch of warships to the Kerch Strait

The command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine announced the sending of their warships to the Kerch Strait.

The commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Oleksiy Neizhpapa, announced that the Ukrainian warships would be sent to the Kerch Strait. The command of the Naval Forces of Ukraine explains such actions by the fact that Ukrainian ships have the right to freely pass through the Kerch Strait, which connects the Black and Azov Seas.

“I think we will consider this option. We must reserve the right for our ships to pass through the Kerch Strait. Let's see"- said the commander of the Ukrainian Navy Oleksiy Neizhpapa.

The announced provocation of Kiev could lead to extremely unpredictable consequences, especially against the background of a very sharp increase in tension in relations between Kiev and Moscow, the concentration of Russian and Ukrainian troops on the border, as well as the previously made unambiguous warning to Russia that in the event of a repetition of provocative actions in Kerch strait, it is possible to use fire means to eliminate threats.

“Such completely thoughtless actions of Kiev can lead to the fact that Russia will simply start sinking ships trying to invade Russian territorial waters. And this is in the best case ... ", - emphasizes the specialist.

It should be noted that despite Kiev's accusations that Russia is allegedly blocking the entrance to the Kerch Strait, they are all unreliable - the passage of Ukrainian ships, including military ones, is not blocked, but Kiev corny does not inform the Russian side of its actions.


That they will go to hand over scrap metal ????

hyy. ships ... there the rowboats remained, let them row)))

what sea - if the basics, then it seems to be common, but not quite - each country has 5 km from the coast - but due to the fact that the main stream of steamers comes from Russia, it ensures their passage into the navigable channel - so if they want to sink then let them go - and one more thing, but the dvigun has already been repaired to the hetsman - he goes out to the sea through the cut and they drag him to the plant, and so the mosquito fleet has already been seen what they still have left of the type of fleet - and the type of boat island - so their patrol boat will cut them from ak 630 with their 20mm pushers

And what, does Ukraine have ships? They have nothing besides laib.

But what about the icebreaker?

That's it in their own and there is not her!


The seas are common, yes. But the Kerch Strait is located, regardless of someone's desire / unwillingness, whether someone accepts it or not, in the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, and the railway and auto-bridge over it are the property of Russia. So, the Russian Federation, defending its territorial integrity and property, especially of strategic importance, has every right to grind into dust all those encroaching on their integrity and inviolability.

And what should they admit? And why?? and why?? Therefore, do nothing! Crimea and the Kerch Strait is Russia! Who does not believe, let him try to prove that it is not so. Ukarina has already tried it! What seemed a little?

And that Ukraine has ships ?? do not tell this nonsense. They call them boats!

Russia does not need to do anything, it is deeply on the drum who does not recognize what and what))).

Is there a coastal defense exercise in Russia? Ordered moving targets ???

all Ukrainian merchant ships pass through the Kerch Strait calmly, submit an application, wait for the passage under the bridge and go to Berdyansk and Mariupol or from there to the Black Sea, and none of them tries to break through without permission and cause a catastrophe under the bridge.
If the fighters from Ukraine decide to break through, then this is a real provocation with possible deaths and a catastrophe with that bridge, and the Russian armed forces have every right to respond to such a provocation

Your Ukraine still has no borders - what territorial waters?))) Yatsenyuk tried in 2014 to unilaterally demarcate - so even the West sent him. why do you think your Ukraine is not filing lawsuits in the courts for annexation? Yes, because it will lose, since there is no international agreement with Russia on the border - Ukraine is filing claims only for private property in the same Crimea
And so - let them apply and go through the strait - no one is against it. Many Ukrainian merchant ships go to Berdyansk and Mariupol in this way and it never occurs to anyone to break through. rather than apply

They could even try the temperature of the water with a finger - it will be cold to swim, tea is not summer.

I would have allowed them. Yes, let them go, all the same the seas are common.

Does Ukraine have territorial waters in the Kerch Strait ??? You confused something !!!

Do not forget to hang the flag of the Commander of the Ukrainian Navy Oleksiy Neizpap on the flagship.

Sailors in jail again!

But the UN and all its member countries, including the best friends - Belarus and China, do not recognize the Russian protectorate over the Gulf. What to do now?

GB, if I say that the strait is Russian, will you believe it? It is imperative to arrange an "ocean long voyage" in order to "see whose strait"? If the real goal is to arrange a provocation and "shoot", then you are welcome

Sure, not a problem. Come on in. Only a preliminary application ... Within two months we will consider ... We do not guarantee a positive result. Come to us again!

if they follow all the rules of passage. then no problem.

... until the first sunk "ship" (these troughs are good for this!)

If the President of Ukraine is going to be responsible for the death of his Subjects, then it will be entirely on him!

I wonder if they will drown or crush? Apparently it all depends on the cost of Ukrainian rusty iron and its displacement. It's a shame to waste shells on scrap metal.

Does this look like something? Oh, the cartoon "Robbery in .... Italian"! And also Vrungel and Boniface.

Well, Ukraine in its ter. waters, can do what they want

So let's see whose strait.

Everyone has the right to cross the intersection, but only after receiving the proper signal from the traffic controller (traffic light). And right through - with a rod in the forehead!