The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine accidentally gave out the positions of the Himars battery with an accuracy of several meters

The exact launch sites for Himars MLRS missiles have been determined.

Less than a day ago, the Ukrainian military command published another propaganda video using the American M142 Himars MLRS, accidentally giving out the exact (with an error of 2-3 meters - ed.) Location of American heavy systems.

On the presented video frames, you can see as soon as the formed M142 Himars MLRS battery delivers regular strikes, however, literally within 2-3 hours, specialists managed to establish the exact location of this military equipment - as it turned out, the American M142 Himars MLRS were moved from Donetsk and Odessa regions to the Zaporozhye region, namely, to the northern outskirts of Vasilyevka.

On the presented images, you can see the analysis of video frames with a comparison of the terrain and the determination of the exact coordinates of the attack carried out by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In fact, this makes it possible to conduct reconnaissance of the region and deliver accurate strikes in order to eliminate the threat of the appearance of American weapons in the arsenal of the Ukrainian army.

At the same time, experts note that the movement of the American M142 Himars in Ukraine is chaotic, and therefore, from the moment the video footage was published, multiple rocket launchers could already change their deployment area again, although taking into account the involvement of reconnaissance satellites in the NWO and drones, it is quite possible to compare the movement of equipment and determine the current location of the military equipment that arrived from the United States.