The US Air Force command confirmed a large-scale electronic warfare attack of its aircraft on radars and air defense in Crimea

The United States confirmed the largest electronic attack on the Crimea.

The US Air Force command confirmed the largest electronic attack on radar and air defense systems of the Crimea, which caused the aggravation of the situation around the peninsula and led to the closure of sea and air approaches to it.

“As this bomber approached its target, five modern NATO reconnaissance aircraft approached in international waters over the Black Sea, no doubt keeping an eye on Russian air defense forces and other troops on alert. The group of reconnaissance aircraft included two RC-135Ws (from the US and British Air Forces), as well as the American RC-135U (Air Force) and P-8 (Navy) and the British Sentinel. All of the reconnaissance aircraft reported their whereabouts via radio responders, which could be followed by anyone using various civilian websites. Collectively, these reconnaissance aircraft have great capabilities. The RC-135, with its sensitive electronic receivers, detects and monitors radar and other electronic equipment. The P-8 is a naval base patrol aircraft with powerful on-board detection devices and a dedicated outboard radar for tracking moving ships and vessels. Sentinel complements this capability with its own state-of-the-art movement tracking radar. Together, these five reconnaissance aircraft can detect Russian combat and transport vehicles, air defense systems, and intercept radio communications. ", - about it сообщает Russian information publication "Inosmi" with reference to the "Forbes" edition.

Experts believe that it was the fact of a public demonstration of NATO's attack on radar and air defense systems in the Crimea that caused Russia's anger, especially since Russia was unable to interfere with such actions in any way. A few days earlier, NATO successfully repeated a similar attack, this time using about two dozen different military aircraft, including fighters, strategic bombers, reconnaissance aircraft, and electronic warfare and electronic suppression aircraft.

How effective such a large-scale attack on Crimea turned out to be is unknown, however, the Russian military nevertheless successfully coped with it, preventing the violation of the state border, occasionally raising fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces to escort and possibly intercept potential violators. Nevertheless, Russia is armed with much more powerful electronic warfare systems capable of suppressing all radio electronics over most of Europe, leaving it without communication, Internet access, GPS, etc.

Workout is an important point!

I wonder what would happen if several dozen Russian aircraft carried out an electronic warfare attack on the territory of OSH? It would be a cry ... If, after posting on Facebook, they hysterically about interference in the OSH elections.

Why didn't you use electronic warfare? So I wanted to hear how Americans will swear.

Not a bad experience for air defense systems, working in a hard counter mode, one might say, in combat conditions, against the original equipment of the enemy.