Russian military aircraft


Command of the US Air Force offers Russian pilots in Syria to conduct radio broadcasts in English

US authorities offered Russian pilots in Syria to use English during the negotiation.

As it became known to the news agency, similarly, the command of the US Air Force intends to minimize a possible meeting in the airspace of Syria with Russian combat aircraft, which in turn minimizes the chance of any conflict or provocation. Nevertheless, the Russian side has not commented on this statement at the moment, besides, it should be clarified that earlier the US Air Force refused to cooperate with the Russian Air Force, and in the end Russia can simply refuse to broadcast in English, In the absence of an actual need for this.

It is necessary to clarify that over the past day, Russian aviation made about 60 sorties to destroy the positions of the militants of the Islamic State group.

Let the Pindos learn Russian - they will soon come in handy.