Command of the Air Force of Ukraine: a hypersonic missile hit the object of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Vinnitsa region

In Ukraine, they believe that the attack on the Vinnitsa region was inflicted by a hypersonic missile.

About it сообщает command of the Air Force of Ukraine, commenting on the recent strikes on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Vinnitsa region. This conclusion is due to the extremely strong impact that caused heavy damage, as well as the enormous speed with which the rocket moved.

As follows from the official statement of the Ukrainian Air Force command, a strike on a military facility in the Vinnitsa region could probably have been carried out using the X-47 hypersonic missile, which is part of the Kinzhal hypersonic aviation missile system. It is noted that since the start of the special military operation, such missiles have been used several times, which caused serious damage, however, the Ukrainian military cannot yet provide any objective evidence of the use of these weapons.

At the moment, there are no official statements from the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation regarding the use of the Kinzhal hypersonic missile systems on August 7 as part of the NMD, and therefore the arguments of the Ukrainian military command may be erroneous. However, Ukrainian sources report that as a result of the strike on the APU facility, the destruction turned out to be very large, which is very typical for this type of weapon, but at the same time does not allow 100% to assert its use.


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