The US Sixth Fleet Commander came up with an excuse why a warship was not allowed into the waters of Georgia

In the USA, they found an excuse for why the USNS Yuma warship refused to be allowed into Georgian territorial waters.

The USNS Yuma warship, which spent almost two days at the borders of Georgia’s territorial waters, was forced to sail to the western part of the Black Sea without entering the port of Poti, because of the refusal of the Georgian authorities to allow a naval ship into the territorial waters of the country . Nevertheless, the United States has already come up with yet another miserable excuse for this, saying that the overload of the seaport was to blame.

According to the information publication "Polygraph", The expectation of access to the territorial waters of Georgia was due to the heavy loading of the seaport, however, for unknown reasons, the journalists did not explain why the military seagoing vessel was forced to wait at the backyards, blocking access to territorial waters and leaving" USNS Yuma »Alone with Russian patrol ships.

"This is not true. A commercial vessel lingered on a mooring in Poti - at this point, the USNS Yuma was supposed to make a regular restocking stop. Given the length of the delay for a commercial vessel, USNS Yuma departed in accordance with its planned schedule, which also prevented further delays with the subsequent planned commercial movement of vessels in Poti. ”“, said US Sixth Fleet Public Relations Officer, Commander Kyle Raines.

Raines, for obvious reasons, did not comment on why the naval ship was never allowed into the territorial waters of Georgia, and why the US Navy ship had to sail more than a thousand kilometers specially to replenish supplies, if such a task could be performed in any nearby port of Romania, Bulgaria, or Ukraine, where by the way, the unwanted guest had to subsequently go.