Syrian Democratic Forces commander transfers three large settlements to Russian military control

Russia gained control of three large settlements in northern Syria.

Mazlum Abdi, the commander of the Syrian Democratic Forces, first approached Twitter users in Russian, stating that three large cities formerly controlled by Kurdish forces were transferred to the control of the Russian military. We are talking about Ain Iss, Tell Tamr and Amud, and the reason for this was the transfer to Syrian territory of large detachments and formations of the Turkish military.

Having gained control over these settlements, any attempts by the Turkish military and militants supported by Ankara to organize provocations will be completely suppressed, and, according to experts, by setting up appropriate roadblocks in this territory, it will be possible to limit the presence of the American military, previously seen in these areas.

It should be clarified that the situation in the north of Syria remains very complicated, due to the aggressive actions of the Turkish side, and the Kurds are also actively using force against the Turkish army and militants, periodically showing the destroyed armored vehicles of terrorists and the Turkish military.