The curfew in the suburbs decided to cancel. Video

The curfew in the suburbs still canceled.

The night before in the Moscow Region, law enforcement officials announced the introduction of curfews, demanding that citizens leave the street immediately and return to their homes. The incident caused a serious panic, especially since the introduction of a special regime was not reported.

Nevertheless, as it became known, a decision was made to abolish the curfew, and moreover, as it became known, the panic among the residents of one of the cities was caused by accident - the police officers for unknown reasons exceeded their duties and arbitrarily announced the introduction of curfews hours - no order was received from the authorities on this score.

On the presented video frames, you can see that due to the erroneous actions of the police officers, who, by the way, didn’t explain their actions in any way, panic almost started in the streets of the Moscow region, especially since several hours before it became known that from midnight in the capital and the Moscow region, a special provision is starting to prohibit residents from leaving their homes without a compelling need.

It should be noted that according to the current hour, the order on the need to be at home as a whole is being implemented.