Comments from netizens on Aeroflot stock crash


Comments from netizens on Aeroflot stock crash

Our indices should go down today. SP500 is falling, the VIX fear index is rising, oil is falling. Well, the end of custody, it’s already been a couple of news that Iraq will increase production in April, the Pobeda low-cost airline will suspend operation until May 31 amid the complete closure of international flights due to coronavirus.

People, what do you think about today's discovery? The OPEC agreement has expired; the Saudis promise to throw an additional 25% of oil onto the market. Our production will not be able to increase. I believe that the additional volume of raw materials will put pressure on quotes for a rather long time. The ruble will accordingly be traded around 80 rubles per dollar. Conclusion: gap up?) Himself in shorts.

Everyone in shorts, like me. Do not rush to throw off, self-isolation in Russia is only gaining momentum, I see no prerequisites for growth except oil. Now the remaining flights fly and go down.

What is the likelihood of falling to at least 66-67 tomorrow against the backdrop of news about a reduction in the export of Russians from foreign countries and that her daughter Victory does not have a cache for paying for aircraft leasing? It’s just that this paper is not behaving appropriately, I won’t be surprised that tomorrow it will fly up again (

This can now cause severe damage to the Russian market. The house of cards will begin to take shape. Everyone needs to pay loans, but no one earns!

There is no Kaliningrad region in the list. All these figures do not reflect reality. And all that is written half-lies.