Airbus has sent parts intended for assembly in the United States

The first large spare parts for the Airbus A320s family, intended for assembly in the United States, left the port of Hamburg (Germany) and headed for Mobile (Alabama).

The main components consist of the following assemblies:

  • - wings that are produced in Britain;

  • - the rear section of the fuselage and tail cone produced, respectively, in Spain and Germany;

  • - The front section of the fuselage, manufactured in France;

  • - Cockpit, which consists of parts produced in different parts of the world.

Also on board are horizontal and vertical stabilizers from Spain and Germany, respectively. The first flight of the aircraft A321ceo will take place in the airline's 2016 JetBlue.

Airbus established a factory in Mobile for assembly and delivery A319s, A320s and A321sThereby increasing the demand for aircraft in the USA. The company's first plant will be 4-m in the network, which includes assembly plants in France, Hamburg, Toulouse and China.

About 200 employees, including some of the Mobile, currently in Hamburg for training. The ceremony marks the first transportation of the cargo ship in the presence of Consul General in Hamburg Nancy Corbett. Sea voyage will last for about 20 days.