Bombardier plant


The company Bombardier has suspended development of the project in Russia

21 March. In the light of the latest events in Ukraine, a large number of countries are going to impose sanctions against Russia, and one of the measures of influence is the freezing of the Canadian project to create the Bombardier aircraft plant in the Russian Federation.

Recall that the negotiations were carried earlier on that in 2014-2015 years, on the territory of Russia to create aircraft building plant for the production of both large and small aircraft. Initially, the size of investments into the project is estimated at 100 million dollars, but today, Bombardier announced that for various reasons can not at this time to develop a dialogue in this regard.

Anyway, until the end of this year, the project will not be implemented, but it is worth emphasizing that the Canadian company has not confirmed that the project will be completely closed in the future, which means that the measure applied is only temporary.


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