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Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Company experiences first difficulties from sanctions

The anti-Russian sanctions a serious blow for the production of domestic aircraft.

As it became known the news agency, today the Russian airline "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" is experiencing serious problems with the supply of some components required for the production of passenger aircraft, which in turn does not allow in the near future to execute prisoners contracts.

It is mainly talking about the problems with the supply of computer equipment for the systems on board the aircraft, and if in the near future the situation will not change, the production of civilian aircraft will have to be suspended. It is necessary to clarify that the actual delivery of the necessary equipment have been stopped about six months ago, but some stock temporarily allowed to manufacture products, but in the coming months, the situation could be for the national aircraft manufacturer is quite catastrophic.

Among other things, there is a serious risk that an American company may terminate the supply of "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" hydraulic systems, which will make more problems and would require conducting the search for new partners.


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