Electronic warfare Triton-M


EW complex "Triton M1" shot down by a Ukrainian drone

The electronic warfare complex "Triton M1" of the LPR militia forces was shot down by a UAV drone that attacked N of the item. Lozovoe.

Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a new attack on the positions of the self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic. Due to the fact that the drone remained invisible to the air defense systems of the LPR, the latter successfully corrected strikes on the territory of the self-proclaimed republic, but after that the forces of the LPR militia used the Triton M1 electronic warfare systems. As a result, it was possible to shoot down an aircraft of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“On the night of October 31 to November 1, 2021, the brigade artillery group of the 30th brigade once again used a drone to clarify targets in the area of ​​N of the item. Lozovoe, for the subsequent infliction of fire damage with large-caliber artillery. Thanks to the vigilance of the NM LPR, with the help of the electronic warfare station "Triton M1", the control and navigation signals of the Ukrainian drone were suppressed, after which the enemy stopped conducting reconnaissance and abandoned his criminal intentions ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Marochko live".

This is far from the first, successfully thwarted, attack by the Ukrainian Armed Forces on the positions of the LDNR forces over the past week, which indicates that the self-proclaimed people's republics keep the situation under control. At the same time, in a number of directions, Ukrainian troops are completely forced to retreat.

How the UAV drone was riveted

designed at Donetsk Technical University

you all either do not know or forget, Donetsk is a city of science. there are enough universities and one of them is Donetsk Technical Institute with a good school of education

Where do you care about it? Yes, okay. The main thing is that it works effectively on Ukrainian drones ...

So they found in the mine ... there is still a lot ...

raised from the mines

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How from where? There are also teachers, tractor drivers and miners, here is a trudovik with a physical education instructor and riveted))

I didn't understand, did they shoot down or just stopped reconnaissance?

The answer is obvious: it was replaced with coal.

Wake up uncle. The Triton M1 electronic warfare station developed in Donetsk entered service with the LPR, news of 2019.

Bought with donations. ))

Where did the APU get the javelins from?

Exchanged at the so-called. APU for bacon and vodka.

exchanged for coal

We collected it ourselves, there are many instructions on the Internet on how to do something yourself

From the same place as from Ukraine Javelina!

Abkhazia delivered

I beg your pardon, where did the militia get the electronic warfare complex !! ??



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