The electronic warfare complex successfully suppressed the Tor-M1 air defense system, forcing the missile to self-destruct

The video caught the work of an unknown electronic warfare complex against the Tor-M1 air defense system.

An attempt to use the Tor-M1 anti-aircraft missile system to destroy an unmanned aerial vehicle ended in failure. As it turned out, the complex was suppressed by an unidentified electronic warfare system, as a result of which the launched anti-aircraft guided missile simply "went crazy."

On the presented video frames, you can see the moment of launching an anti-aircraft guided missile at an air target. Almost immediately after the launch of the missile, the latter began to demonstrate an extremely strange trajectory of its flight, and, apparently, as it approached the target and the source of electronic jamming, the missile began to demonstrate uncontrolled behavior, performing extremely strange turns. Eventually, the rocket self-destructed, as evidenced by the rocket's vertical climb and detonation 27 seconds after launch. Taking into account the speed of the rocket, this means that the latter has exhausted the maximum range of its flight and self-destructed.

What kind of complex could create problems for the operation of the Tor-M1 complex is unknown, however, apparently, we are talking about a fairly powerful system, although it probably has a small coverage area. This is explained by the fact that the greatest impact on missiles was carried out as they approached the target.