Air defense systems "Kvadrat" armed in Syria with incredible missiles

Air defense complexes "Kvadrat" in Libya were armed with very strange ammunition.

The Soviet-made Kvadrat anti-aircraft missile systems, due to the lack of standard ammunition, had to be armed with rather unusual missiles, which are now capable of hitting Turkish aircraft and drones at ranges of up to 15 kilometers. Such missiles are not at all intended for use by the Soviet Kvadrat air defense systems, however, sources claim that such an innovation has already been used to destroy the drones of the Turkish army.

It is reportedly also about Soviet missiles, but intended for air launch - K-13. According to the data at the disposal of the resource, the reason for the transition to air-based missiles is the banal lack of ammunition for the Kvadrat complexes, and although the range of destruction of targets fell by 30%, today the Libyan National Army has hundreds of K missiles. -13, which means that if necessary, Haftar's army can repel even the most massive attacks.

It should be clarified that such a modification of the Soviet complex "Square" was seen on the territory of Libya for the first time, however, given the fact that more and more air defense weapons appear in the arsenal of the Libyan National Army, experts believe that under their cover it is planned to start a new large-scale operation on the territory of this North African country.

A day earlier, information appeared that even the newest Russian air defense system S-350 "Vityaz" was deployed in the Sirte area.