SAM Iron Dome


Electronic warfare systems in western Syria attacked Israeli air defense systems "Iron Dome"

Israeli air defense systems "Iron Dome" were suddenly attacked from western Syria.

A few hours ago, Israel's Iron Dome anti-aircraft missile systems, deployed primarily in the Gaza Strip, came under a powerful and unexpected attack from western Syria. It is known that the complexes located in the area of ​​Sderot and Ashkelon detected the approach of several dozen missiles. In this regard, an emergency missile strike warning was announced. No missile launches were recorded, however, if it was initially assumed that it was an exercise, the IDF rejected this data, stating that the triggering occurred for an unknown reason.



It is noteworthy that a few days ago, Syria announced its readiness to launch an operational strike on Israeli territory in response to the bombing of the province of Homs by Israeli fighters. It was reported that a decision on the selection of key targets for strikes would be prepared in the coming hours or days. Nevertheless, apparently, the raid on Israel was staged by the electronic warfare systems deployed in western Syria, demonstrating Israel's readiness to suppress air defense / missile defense systems in the event of new attacks from Lebanon or the Gaza Strip. This is not the first time such a case has been observed. Given the short duration of the incident, it appears that the Syrian military was only checking the readiness to use electronic warfare against Israeli air defenses.