Electronic warfare systems again attacked an American plane in the Kerch Strait region

When approaching the Kerch Strait, the American aircraft was again suppressed by electronic warfare systems.

A few hours ago, the American side again decided to go for a deliberate provocation near the Russian borders and sent its Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint military reconnaissance aircraft to conduct a provocative mission. The latter operated along a completely standard route of advancement, however, in the area of ​​the Kerch Strait, unknown electronic warfare systems again attacked the American board, disrupting the operation of the military aircraft systems.

Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint flight 18/10/2021

The image below shows the flight route of the American military aircraft Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint. During the reconnaissance mission to the west and south of Crimea, fixing the current location of the aircraft was not a problem, however, as soon as the board approached the Kerch Strait, its navigation systems malfunctioned - in all likelihood, the electronic warfare complex disrupted the exchange of data between the aircraft and the system global positioning gps. Previously, a similar situation is already was observedand remarkably, a second incident occurred in the same area.

Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint flight 18/10/2021

Earlier, there actually appeared information that electronic warfare systems were deployed in the area of ​​the Kerch bridge. Neither their position nor their type is named, although it may well be about the complexes of the "Krasukha" family or even the complexes "Murmansk-BN".

Boeing RC-135W Rivet Joint flight 10/10/2021

When I read such news, I remember an anecdote from my childhood. Today, as the spacecraft Challenger entered orbit, the spacecraft collided with fireball, killing the entire crew. The Fireball crew received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.

Now they will fly until this complex is calculated. That is, always.

And you can see a map of the flight of all the planes in that triangle, and not just amera

The pilots will be to blame for the collision! Normally.

The triangle on the map is surprisingly close to the site of one famous palace ... ....

If a pair of civilian aircraft collide, who will be to blame?

And the fact that the systems were disrupted was reported to the Boeing editorial office?

Well, who are they rubbing on the ears?!? You were sitting on the plane then! :)

Alexander, the laws in the taiga are established by a bear, not by an accidentally flown eagle

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But there is nothing to peep through the keyhole, you can even lose an eye.

I think that knowing about the existence of this kind of opposition, it is not worth risking the lives of pilots and expensive equipment. There is nothing for the Americans to do thousands of kilometers from their territory.

Alexander! In accordance with the new American tradition, those who can act not according to the "law", but according to the "Rules"! We have established such rules in the strait, who plays, he plays.

"however, as soon as the board approached the Kerch Strait, its navigation systems malfunctioned"
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what an attack and what was the fact that the electronics burned out, that's bad luck, the developers of the filling of the airplane need to send a note of distrust, normal microcircuits cannot do, or the beaver is guilty of gnawing the cable and the tree fell!

If we "burned out" its electronics, then we would stop flying.

If this is really an "attack", then what does international law say about it? And how legitimate, for example, is the reverse action - an attack of such a complex from an aircraft located above neutral waters.