The US Congress demanded that the Pentagon hand over tactical weapons to Ukraine

The Pentagon was required to organize a quick supply of tactical weapons to Ukraine.

At the moment, it is known that we are talking about the supply of Gray Eagle tactical strike drones to Ukraine. The latter are capable of not only delivering strikes, but also conducting reconnaissance at distances of up to hundreds of kilometers. This should, according to military experts from the United States, ensure that the Armed Forces of Ukraine receive intelligence data on the air.

It is known that the Pentagon should have considered the possibility of transferring these tactical drones to Ukraine, but so far there is no information about whether the US defense department agreed to supply these UAVs.

Gray Eagle tactical strike drones carry weapons capable of hitting targets at distances up to 16 kilometers, however, much more remarkable is that these drones are also capable of carrying anti-aircraft missiles. This, according to the US military, may allow the Armed Forces to fight cruise missiles. At the same time, drones of this type are extremely vulnerable to electronic warfare and executive electronic intelligence systems, not to mention the fact that Russian fighters are successfully capable of shooting down such drones at long distances.

It is not known how effective the supply of such drones to the armament of Ukraine can be, since the Russian military had not previously encountered UAVs of this type, but the Pantsir-S complexes successfully eliminated them.


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