Container ship cut a warship in two - critical damage

As a result of the collision between the container ship and the Greek minesweeper Kallisto, the civilian ship won.

A few hours ago, the Greek minesweeper Kallisto was destroyed by a huge container ship, which, as a result of a collision with a warship, cut it in two. The warship was critically damaged, and only by a lucky coincidence only two sailors are on the list of victims - the rest of the crew was urgently evacuated.

At the moment, the Greek military does not report the circumstances of the incident, however, judging by the pictures taken at the site of the emergency, the ramming of the Greek warship is not associated with unfavorable meteorological conditions, which is also confirmed by information from publicly available information resources. It was suggested that the actions of the container ship's crew were to blame.

Judging by the critical damage received by the Greek Navy warship, there is no talk of repairing the Kallisto minesweeper, but no official statement has yet been received from the Greek Navy command on this score.