Control over PMC "Wagner" may pass to the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

State Duma deputy Mironov took the initiative to give PMC "Wagner" official status, calling the process of legalization of such structures "inevitable."

Apparently, this applies not only to the Wagner PMC, but also to other private military companies. It is noteworthy that Mironov also proposed to assign oversight functions to the RF Ministry of Defense. This means that such structures may come under the direct control of the Russian defense department.

“The legalization of such structures is an inevitable process. We should only resolve this issue in advance, and not follow on the heels of the past day. We are ready to work with all political forces to achieve a common result. This is a problem for all of us, not just for the "Wagnerites""Mironov said.

How expedient such a decision might be and whether control over PMCs will completely pass to the Russian defense department is still unknown. However, a number of Russian deputies support such a decision, as it provides an opportunity for enhanced interaction between the Russian army and private military companies.

The founder of Wagner PMC has not yet commented on Mironov's initiative.


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