The counter-terrorist operation in Ingushetia has been completed

A major special operation to neutralize gangs has been successfully completed in Ingushetia. According to information published by the Izvestia newspaper and based on data from a source in the security forces, FSB special forces eliminated six militants. The operation began at 19:30 Moscow time on March 2 and was aimed at suppressing the activities of the group, which was reportedly coordinated from abroad.

According to information from RIA Novosti, in Karabulak, where the fighting took place, the shooting has stopped, and at the moment the apartment where the gang members were allegedly hiding is being cleared. It is noted that the successful neutralization of the militants was made possible thanks to the large-scale work of the operational services.

The special operation was carried out within the framework of the counter-terrorism operation (CTO) regime, which was introduced in the city of Karabulak. The actions of the security forces covered Rabochaya, Oskanova, Naberezhnaya and Dzhabagieva streets. According to the National Anti-Terrorism Committee (NAC), the purpose of the operation was to prevent high-profile terrorist crimes planned by the group. When attempting to arrest the gang members opened fire on the security forces.


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