Ram ship


NATO ship rammed a Russian warship

A Russian warship was rammed in the North Sea.

A Danish ship, a member country of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO), rammed a Russian anti-submarine warfare ship in the North Sea off the Danish coast. As a result of the battering ram, the Russian naval vessel received serious damage - a through hole, however. the latter turned out to be above the waterline and there is no threat of flooding.

"The small anti-submarine ship of the Baltic Fleet" Kazanets "collided with the refrigerator ship" Ice Rose ", which was sailing under the flag of the Marshall Islands, in poor visibility. They indicated that the incident took place on the morning of September 23 while passing through the Baltic strait zone. “As a result of the collision, there are no casualties among the crew of the Russian ship. The hull of the small anti-submarine ship Kazanets received a hole above the waterline, "they said there.", - about it сообщает Russian TV channel "RBK"

At the moment, there is some information that the Russian warship did not designate itself, however, experts note that a collision with a refrigerated ship could well lead to the sinking of a Russian warship, while the absence of victims is questioned, since a number of information Resource Denmark reports probable injuries aboard the Russian ship.

The current location of the Russian small anti-submarine ship remains unknown - according to some sources, the ship is heading to the nearest port.

Not a NATO ship, but a ship! The ship is a military watercraft!

It's a shame ... Our ships are already attacking floating refrigerators ... Soon our submarines will drive their ferries

And that Putin was on the ship?

And not a ship and not a bot, not a frigate or a trambot, the refrigerator lost its course nord, and the iron was walking towards, who entered whom - that's an abortion.
The purpose of that fable is as follows - you do not climb while safe (whoever you were)

There is no reason to doubt that there are likely casualties.

Don't pray to these gods. Develop. Start your own business. You look and you yourself become a god.

All nonsense, the fact is already known. The refrigerator was off course and went around in circles. Collided with our ship in the fog. Nobody rammed anyone. He did not represent a danger, do not throw him out of the cannons. Misunderstood a hundred times. It's a shame to spit on the fleet like that without understanding

what families when, when there is a war

Even tiny Denmark is not afraid of Putin))

And in the end it turns out that not the IPC, but the submarine collided not with the Danish ship, but with the English one, and not in the North Sea, but in the South and not the Russian ship collided, but the Chinese one.

During poor visibility, especially in fog, targets are repulsed very well on the radar. Even if it's a small goal. It is much more difficult in the rain, as there is a strong light exposure. But modern radars have the "Rain" function, which removes unnecessary interference and can remove a small target

"... WHY IS NATO HERE ..."
Otherwise, you won't read

And that the radars could not turn on the search mode and then track any echo signal, especially since there should be a sound-direction finder and all the lights on the deck should be turned on with a sound signal

soon there will be a servile apology to Denmark where the anti-submarine Russian ship has weapons that it is not so why did he set sail

Real lie. There was no NATO ship nearby. I am a professional with 25 years of experience at sea,
the last 10 years as a captain. I immediately checked the development of the situation with this collision in the Danish straits on the available sites. Collision of a ship and a dry cargo ship. The dry-cargo ship hit the ship at a speed of about 3 knots, although it was desperately slowing down working to "full back", but alas, did not have time to extinguish the speed ... Let the experts understand this incident, but the speculations of any journalists cannot be trusted!

The usual illiteracy and slovenliness of the ship's staff.

I wonder: does the Russian warship have weapons or does the commander only have a pistol?

With Kursk, it rolled. There was no apology like

Gasolko, I know there will be, or have not yet allowed, the gas pipe ... maybe such an installation did not touch the "tavarnyak".

And, where is called "BEAUTY"

interesting The Russians have already apologized. for the disturbance caused to the alian or they are still thinking!

So where is the NATO ship here? Or how? Are all ships in their service? Fishing schooners, too, will you be scared?

Most likely, the crew carried out the order by the agents of influence of the CIA, driven to despair by the debts of the owner of the ship, who was promised to save him from bankruptcy. Our sailors could easily put it to the bottom, but they felt sorry for the families of the innocent refrigerated crew.

And when they (NATO countries) sink their own warships with their tankers, is it also "NATO is doing well"?

... The Russian fleet is again "headless".
His destiny is to be an eternal beggar, "gueuze".
... Our IPC collided with-s-s ... meat-ozo-oh-oh
And ... got a hole ... alas ...


During poor visibility, including fog, flasks are periodically beaten off, as already correctly noted, the sailor on duty is obliged to look at both; go on the radar and the gyrocompass. Or did they deliberately ram the Danes, but they themselves got a hole? And why is nothing known about the ship's location? From the realm of fantasy, and unscientific.

NATO is doing well if they disable our warships with merchant ships.

Any bum from a NATO country is now considered a NATO Special Forces soldier

otherwise, no one will not read, they probably booted at the IPC or slept.

Do we actually have an army? or one chatter comes from our gods?

And what about the refrigerator? One-sided infa. Are they blind, both ours? All have "super" equipment.

Began! There is an example and now everyone will wipe their feet about us! Who would have tried to do it to the humpback!

The Danes are like that! It's not the first time that other people's ships have been sunk! "The autopilot is guilty, and plant it!" Sleep like marmots!

And the fog, night. There are devices, just overslept

This is how the media give birth to myths

I don't understand one thing. Why weren't the NATO flooded? They openly provoke war. They want war, so let them get it. Che how terpily then ..

How is this so? Our glorified fleet? Our frigate could not see such a huge vessel on radars. That they slept there, or worse? Are we not that strong?

And where were the sailor of the watch and the officer of the watch at that time? Where was the helmsman looking? Don't they have a radar?

Now, any vessel, even a civilian vessel, is a NATO ship?

And that refrigerators are now also warships? Since he's a NATO ship

Is NATO so bad? Since when do they have refrigerated trucks?