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Russian Navy ship kicked Ukrainian ship out of Ukrainian military exercise zone

The Russian warship drove the Ukrainian warship out of the zone of the Ukrainian military exercises.

The battleship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy has pushed the battleship of the Naval Forces of Ukraine out of the zone of the Ukrainian military exercises. In addition, a patrol boat of the Ukrainian Navy, which tried to help the Ukrainian military vessel, was also intercepted. A Russian patrol ship advanced to cut him. This indicates that the Ukrainian military exercises in the Black Sea are a complete failure.

According to the representative of the Maritime Independent Trade Union of Ukraine Boris Babin, the incident occurred during the military exercises "United Efforts-2021".

“... After that, at 10:00 Kiev time, the Russian border patrol ship Izumrud began to maneuver in the direction of the closed area, which proceeded to cross the course of the Ukrainian patrol boat Slavyansk. Due to the high maneuverability of this Ukrainian Island-class boat, the ships parted aft at a distance of one mile. It is noted that the Russian ships "Saratov" and "Izumrud", based in the occupied Crimea, continued demonstration observation of the Ukrainian military, remaining close to the exercise area ", - reports the Ukrainian news agency "UNN".

Despite the rather loud accusations, at the moment the Ukrainian side has not provided any evidence that such an incident took place at all, especially since there are no official comments from the Ukrainian Navy on this matter either.

On the other hand, even if the incident took place, the Russian warship operated in the neutral waters of the Black Sea, and the closed zone declared by Ukraine in the western part of the Black Sea is nothing more than a warning.