NATO ships and aircraft worked out a strike on the Russian Black Sea Fleet right near Crimea

During NATO exercises, military aircraft worked out a strike on the Russian Black Sea Fleet.

As expected, NATO exercises conducted off the coast of Crimea were provocatively carried out near the Russian borders. So, during the exercise, two military aircraft unexpectedly left the area of ​​the NATO exercise "Sea Breeze 2020" and headed for the southern Russian borders, flying very close. According to a number of data, and we are talking about anti-submarine aircraft, a search was made for Russian warships, including those that monitor the ongoing maneuvers, information about this was transmitted to warships, after which actions were worked out to defeat the Russian fleet.

There are no official statements from the NATO military command in this regard, however, at the moment, a large number of NATO warships are located near the Russian Crimea, which causes very serious concern. Nevertheless, it is obvious that Russia will respond to such provocations, especially since it became known earlier about the transfer of Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers and Su-24M front-line bombers to Crimea.

“In fact, NATO is trying to scare Russia with cardboard tigers. Even those ships that are now near the Crimea do not pose any real danger - in the event of a real conflict, their survivability is likely to be calculated only in a few minutes ", - the expert marks.

According to some reports, up to 10 warships can take part in NATO exercises


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