US Navy Ships


US ships sent to intercept Russian combat group

American warships sent to intercept warships of the Russian Navy.

The Russian Navy ships that successfully crossed the Panama Canal went to the coast of Cuba, however, as it became known, at least one of their combat ships of the US Navy was sent to intercept them. This is a Jason Dunham missile destroyer.

According to social networks, as evidenced by information on publicly available resources, at the moment the American Jason Dunham rocket destroyer is moving a short distance from Russian warships that follow the coast of Cuba, but at the same time any dangerous and provocative actions by the crew ships are not undertaken. It is reported that at a relatively short distance from the American missile destroyer, at least two warships of the US Navy are still moving.

For what reasons, the command of the US Navy decided to send its warships to escort and intercept ships of the Russian Navy's Northern Fleet, so far remains unknown, since a very significant distance from the coast of Cuba to US territorial waters.

Russian can not include jammers for navigation?

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We need a full-fledged military agreement with Cuba and the Russian military base in Cuba. Americans can place everything, including near the borders with Russia (Japan, Poland, etc.), and we are worse than them.

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Can it be enough to “intercept” each other? .. Is it time to drown and shoot down? .. For a change at least.