Incident in the Kerch Strait


US ships will not storm the Kerch Strait along with Ukraine

In the United States, they refused to help Ukraine storm the Kerch Strait.

Despite the statements of the Ukrainian authorities that the United States is ready to assist Ukraine in escorting its warships while passing through the Kerch Strait, the publication “Strana.UA”, referring to a source in American circles, reports that Washington refused to help Poroshenko in that.

“The White House is not sure that the European Union will support the re-action of Ukraine. And this will cause a split in the position of the West towards Russia. Therefore, Poroshenko refused in a rather rigid form. And at a meeting with Vice President Pence in Munich, and through other channels "- said in the material.

According to analysts, the blame for everything is Russia's determination to eliminate any threat, including through the use of real power, since at least three dozen combat aircraft, several coastal missile systems, anti-aircraft and missile defense systems, etc. are based in Crimea.

It should be clarified that currently the American military destroyer Donald Cook is located near the coast of the Crimea, but the ship does not pose the slightest danger, and is constantly monitored to prevent any violations of the territorial waters of the Russian Federation, while tracking the American destroyer It is conducted both by the ships of the Navy and by means of combat aviation.