The ships of the Navy worked out the strike with multiple volleys


Navy ships with multiple volleys worked out a strike on the Norwegian fleet

Russia sent its warships to the Norwegian coast in response to the provocation.

This afternoon, Russian naval warships were deployed in battle formation off the coast of Norway in retaliation for provocations by NATO member states. According to information obtained by the news agency, Russian warships will conduct artillery fire in the same area.

“Today, during the day, the forces of the Northern Fleet are planning to carry out a number of exercises and combat training activities related to the practical use of artillery systems of their surface ships, one of which, as we assume, will be the frigate Admiral Kasatonov, returning home after its first long voyage to Mediterranean Sea. Due to the fact that the event is planned to be held in the exclusive economic zone of Norway, there may be some seething in the Norwegian media ", - reports the Telegram-community" Operational Line ".

There are no details on this score from the Russian Ministry of Defense so far, however, according to those that appeared earlier, Russia is beginning to actively conduct military exercises near the borders of the NATO member countries, which indicates that the Russian side is beginning to actively oppose NATO provocations. and the strengthening of the Alliance forces near the Russian borders.

It turns out that our submarines are easily destroyed by Virginia-class nuclear submarine torpedo tubes ... :::: ((((