Attack on the ship


British Navy ships attacked five Iranian ships while attempting to seize a British tanker. Video

Iran unsuccessfully attempted to seize a British oil tanker.

According to Arab media, tonight, a group of five Iranian warships, allegedly five armored boats, headed to intercept the British oil tanker The British Heritage, which was near the territorial waters of Iran, however, the British military frigate accompanying it made several shots in the direction of the Iranian ships, forcing the latter to retreat.

Earlier, the company owning the oil tanker “The British Heritage” stopped a ship in the middle of the Persian Gulf, fearing a possible attack from Iran, and therefore the frigate HMS Montrose was sent to escort it.

It should be clarified that, according to CNN, the British warship did not make warning shots, but the crew warned the Iranian military about their readiness to open fire in the event of a further approach.

Experts note that this is the first attempt by the Iranian military to seize an oil tanker in the Persian Gulf, after informing the UK that the ultimatum delivered by Iran to free its tanker Grace 1 has expired.

Whether there is a threat to other British oil tankers in this region is still unknown.

And then the British thought and added that they had not yet reached the distance of the shot, but they could come up and load cannons and aim at Iranians ... they could too.

Well, the Georgians in the year 2008 climbed. So hell knows how it was there, but not exactly as it is broadcast CNN.

Rave! the boats would not have climbed when a frigate was near, what would you do there with machine guns. Fantasy British journalists to understand the order.