Coronavirus in Russia


Coronavirus in Russia: 1154 people got sick in a day, 58 died

In Russia, another record for the incidence of coronavirus is set.

The Coronavirus Distribution Control Headquarters reported that over the past 1154 hours 19 new cases of COVID-58 coronavirus infection have been registered in the Russian Federation. This is an absolute record for the number of people who become ill in a day, while the number of victims, which increased to XNUMX, is no less frightening.

“Over the last day in Russia, 1154 new cases of coronavirus in 43 regions were confirmed, 11 deaths were recorded. The diagnosis was first made in the Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia. During the day in Russia, 88 people fully recovered. In total, 7497 cases of coronavirus in 81 regions are registered in Russia today. Over the entire period, 58 deaths were recorded, 494 people recovered ”- reports the operational headquarters.

Thus, the daily increase was 18,2%, while mortality from coronavirus increased by 23,4%.

Despite the general isolation introduced in most regions of the country, the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia today continues to grow, while experts note that the rate of spread of the disease indicates the fact that by the end of the first decade of April, the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia will increase up to 10 thousand people, and the situation itself is clearly getting out of control