Coronavirus in Russia


Coronavirus in Russia: 770 new cases and 6 more deaths

In Russia, another record for the incidence of coronavirus COVID-19 has been set.

The number of people infected with a new type of coronavirus infection has increased very much in Russia - 770 new cases of morbidity have been detected per day, while the death rate in Russia from COVID-19 has already reached 30 people, and the total number of cases in Russia is 3548 people.

If the day before, due to a decrease in the level of infection with coronavirus infection in Russia, it was suggested that the situation began to stabilize a little, then given the fact that only over the past day the number of infected COVID-19 in Russia increased by more than 27%, it is logical to assume that the situation is very complicated and an increase in the number of patients will be recorded in the near future.

Earlier, Russian experts suggested that a decline in coronavirus infection in Russia should be expected within the next 10-12 weeks, however, given current indicators, analysts cannot yet confirm this fact, assuming that in a relatively short period of time the number of patients with coronavirus in Russia will increase at times.

According to current statistics, the probability of death from coronavirus in case of infection with COVID-19 infection is about 0,85%, which is one of the lowest rates in the world.

Why does no one see the difference between “case detected” and “infection”?
In fact, in Russia only those who have symptoms are tested for coronavirus. And the symptoms appear after an incubation period of 7-14 days. That is, all cases detected today are not new infections, but infections that occurred a week or two ago, from March 19 to 26, approximately. Prior to the announcement of quarantine measures.
To understand whether we are on the right track, we have to wait another week and then look at the statistics. And do not raise a panic ahead of time. Moreover, not only low mortality, but also the percentage of those who are seriously ill. Over 80% carry this coronavirus like the flu and can even be treated at home. Why is this injection?