Coronavirus in Russia: the government is preparing to close movement across the country

The government closes all movements throughout Russia.

The Government of the Russian Federation intends to introduce large-scale preventive quarantine measures throughout the country, closing the movement not only in international directions, but also between regions. All domestic flights and rail transportation are supposed to be closed, while data on the closure of automobile passenger and cargo transportation remain without comment.

“The government is considering the possibility of restricting movement in Russia, as well as stopping passenger air and rail traffic,” RIA Novosti reported, citing a source. A RBC source close to the government confirmed this. The press service of the government did not confirm or refute this data. ”- сообщает RBC Edition.

At the moment, we are talking exclusively about stopping railway and air traffic, however, experts note that the basis is still road transport, and therefore, the movement of road vehicles through the country can also be limited.

Considering that the closure will be limited or even completely closed, we can talk about complete isolation and strict quarantine, however, given the fact that today in Russia only a little more than a thousand cases of infection have been registered, a lot of questions arise regarding the appropriateness of such measures .

Previously, authorities denied the introduction of harsh quarantine measures in Moscow.