Coronavirus in Russia


Coronavirus in Russia: mortality increased by 13%, and incidence by 17%

In Russia, a jump in the incidence of COVID-19 was again recorded.

Despite the fact that the authorities took tough measures to ensure the regime of forced isolation of citizens, the number of patients with a new type of coronavirus infection continued to grow rapidly. Only in the last day the number of new cases increased by 601 people, while the number of deaths reached 34 people.

“Over the past 601 hours in Russia, 32 new cases of coronavirus were confirmed in 46 regions, and four deaths were recorded. For the first time, diagnoses were made in the Republic of Ingushetia and the Jewish Autonomous Region. For a day in Russia, 4 people fully recovered. In total, 149 cases of coronavirus in 78 regions are registered in Russia today. Over the entire period 34 fatal cases were recorded, 281 people recovered ”- reports the operational headquarters.

Thus, only in the last day the number of patients with a new type of coronavirus infection increased by almost 17%, while mortality increased by 13%.

It should be clarified that today, in terms of the number of current patients with coronavirus infection, Russia has overtaken China, where the situation with coronavirus infection has almost returned to normal. In particular, according to today's data, in the PRC there are only about 2400 patients with COVID-19, although it took almost three full months to restore the PRC.