Kosachev warned NATO that troops sent to Ukraine would become legitimate Russian targets.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation Konstantin Kosachev warned that if NATO armed contingents are stationed in Ukraine, they will become legitimate targets for the Russian Armed Forces. This statement came amid discussions among Western leaders about the possibility of sending troops to Ukraine, raised after the Paris conference to support Ukraine. French President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Gabriel Attal spoke out about the inadmissibility of Russia's victory, while not excluding the possibility of sending military contingents.

Kosachev emphasized that any armed forces of NATO countries on Ukrainian territory will be considered legitimate targets, and if necessary, the targets may also include decision-making centers, training of specialists and weapons production on the territory of the alliance countries. The parliamentarian expressed the hope that Russia’s reaction to Macron’s statements will cool “the fevered minds in the West,” emphasizing that Western countries, even without Russian interference, are aware of the risks associated with the French president’s proposed strategy.


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