Space satellites photographed a destroyed runway at the Khmeimim air base

The runway at the Khmeimim airbase was partially destroyed.

Commercial spacecraft made new images of the Russian military base Khmeimim, where you can see that part of the runway of the military facility, located next to the hangars erected to store combat aircraft, was destroyed.

In the satellite imagery presented, you can see that the covering of the runway with a length of several hundred meters is completely destroyed. At the same time, despite the absence of any official statements on this subject, it was suggested that we are talking about the reconstruction of the runway, since previously another part of the runway was reconstructed.

It should be noted that earlier unofficial data appeared that Russia was improving the infrastructure of the Russian military air base in Syria with the goal of accepting heavy aircraft, but no official comments were made on this subject.

Given the information provided by the satellites, the reconstruction of the runway began in late October or early November.