Airline KrasAvia


"KrasAvia" starts flying from Tomsk to Novosibirsk

Airline "KrasAvia"Begins to operate flights in the direction of Tomsk - Novosibirsk.

Flights begin to be carried out by the air carrier from today, and according to aviation portal, flights will be carried out once a week, on Fridays, on passenger planes An-26. Among other things, it became known also that starting from 21 July, in the current direction, flights will be launched twice a week - according to the schedule of the air carrier, an additional flight will be carried out on Sundays.

At the moment, experts are not going to unequivocally declare the success or failure of the current route, but given the fact that the flights will be carried out twice a week, it is worth assuming that the airline KrasAvia expects to have a sufficient number of passengers.


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