Transaero Airlines


Transaero's creditors want Aeroflot to pay off the air carrier's debts

Lenders "Transaero"Do not want to write off the debts of the air carrier.

Despite the news that Aeroflot intends to acquire Transaero Airlines in its possession, creditors require that in the future it is Aeroflot that will pay off the existing debts, which according to some data exceed the amount of 150 billion rubles.

Among other things, the news agency also learned that the actual transaction for the purchase of an 75% stake in Transaero’s airline may not occur as such, and the monopolization of the passenger services market may be the cause. At the moment, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) has not yet made a final decision on the proposed transaction, but experts say that in fact, the purchase of another major airline by Russia's largest airline may lead to clearly negative consequences for the entire civil aviation of the country.


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