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Tiny Middle East Country "Banned" Iran from Possessing Nuclear Weapons

Israel decided to ban Iran from creating nuclear weapons.

Contrary to the fact that Israel possesses nuclear weapons, this country, whose area is incredibly tiny compared to other Middle Eastern states, unexpectedly decided to ban Iran from possessing nuclear weapons.

“Taking into account the efforts that Iran is making to develop its nuclear program, <...> I repeat once again: we will never allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. We care not only about our security and our future, but also about the future of the Middle East and the whole world "- Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

On what basis Israel took upon itself the function of regulating Iran’s nuclear program, Netanyahu did not explain, however, it is clear that Tehran will not listen to a state that openly occupies the territories of neighboring countries, ignoring the demands of the UN and other powers.

“What kind of security is Netanyahu who occupied the Golan Heights talking about? The Middle East is well aware of who is destabilizing the situation in the region by openly invading Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and other countries. Obviously, Iran has far more opportunities to respond to Israel. ”, - the analyst notes.


not so understand. You have problems with understanding.

As I understand it, one huge country with a poor population is eager to provide the Arabs with the means of delivery of this population directly to paradise?