The largest American warship with patients with coronavirus, the size of an aircraft carrier, tried to destroy. Video

A US citizen tried to ram a military hospital ship with coronavirus infected on a loaded locomotive at full speed.

In the United States, they tried to destroy a hospital-sized naval vessel the size of an aircraft carrier with onboard patients with coronavirus infection COVID-19. An attempt to destroy a huge ship was made by a US citizen who drove a railway locomotive loaded with heavy wagons to maximum speed and sent the train straight to the USNS Mercy.

On the video frames presented, you can see the consequences of the terrorist attack directed both against American citizens and against the American military personnel on board the ship.

It is known that the locomotive loaded with wagons failed to achieve its goal due to its insufficient speed, however, given the location of the railway tracks, the freight train still managed to overcome several hundred meters.

There are no official comments from the U.S. authorities on this subject, however, given the data provided on social networks, during the detention a man shouted hate words at the infected on board a military hospital sea ship, demanding to get rid of those who spread coronavirus in California.

It should be clarified that this is far from the first case when they try to kill American citizens infected with the infection, in particular, it was previously reported that the terrorist who tried to undermine the hospital with infected COVID-19 was liquidated.

Given the daily calm in the comments in this news and the garbage poured on our country and our people and leaders in other topics, once again we are convinced whose patriots work as garbage collectors. It’s good that we are not like that.

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