Aircraft Su-34


Is the largest Russian airline issuing the Su-34 facing bankruptcy?

The largest Russian airline is massively reducing staff.

According to the publication "Tsenzoru.Net", the Russian airline engaged in the release of fighter-bombers Su-34 is experiencing serious financial problems. This is about Novosibirsk Aviation Plantwhich, according to journalists, plans to reduce to 50% of its employees and cut wages in more than 2 times. According to journalists, the largest airline in Russia is facing bankruptcy.

“The Arctic fox has reached the Novosibirsk Aviation Plant, which produces the Su-34. According to preliminary information, it is planned to lay off up to 3,5 thousand (more than 50%) employees or transfer to the salary of 17 thousand rubles. (was 40 thousand rubles.) "- quotes the edition.

It should be clarified that no official confirmation of this information was provided, however, given that we are talking about the Ukrainian edition, analysts believe that the information is purely provocative and not true, although previously there was evidence on the Web that Novosibirsk Aviation Plant has no orders for the production of combat aircraft.

“I don’t think that Ukraine is better acquainted with the situation than in Russia. Novosibirsk Aviation Plant. Chkalov is the largest military-industrial enterprise, and therefore it is very inappropriate to talk about bankruptcy. ”, - the analyst notes.

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I'm not surprised that bankruptcy smells - it's banal cut

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