The biggest airlines do not want to fly to Bangkok


The biggest airlines do not want to fly to Bangkok

The biggest airlines do not want to fly to Bangkok

10.01.2014. More than thirty air flights of the world's largest carriers in the direction to Bangkok were canceled due to the opposition’s plans to arrange a large-scale protest action in the Thai capital 13 in January and “block” the city. This was reported today by the Ministry of Transport of Thailand. Flights on 13 January to Bangkok have already canceled Hong Kong Airlines, Singapore Airlines, and Katya Pacific. This was done, although the opposition promised not to hinder the activities of international airports in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.

Yinglak Chinavat, Acting Prime Minister of the State, said earlier that the authorities would provide all necessary assistance to foreign tourists. The "hot line", calling to which tourists will be able to find out how to get to the airport, avoiding traffic jams, which are arranged by protesters. In addition, the airport Suvarnabhumi operates a special information center where passengers can get information quickly about the situation in Bangkok, according to ITAR-TASS.

According to the Thai Tourism Council of Thailand, losses tourism industry capital of the kingdom because of opposition demonstrations in January of this year will be approximately 18 billion baht (more than 19 billion rubles). According to experts, the number of tourists who visit Bangkok, reduced by 400 thousand.

Over the entire period of mass unrest,

who do not stop in Bangkok since late October,

killing eight people.

Still about four hundred were injured.

As reported by the media in Thailand, in the capital's airports also celebrated the mass cancellation of charter flights, carried out by small business-class private jets. Bangkok carriers used traditionally as one of the major logistics centers in South-East Asia.

The biggest airlines do not want to fly to Bangkok

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation recommends that Russians strongly refrain from traveling to Bangkok. This was announced on January 9 in the Russian diplomatic department. "There are collisions between pro-government and opposition forces. In this regard, we strongly recommend Russian citizens not to travel to Bangkok, and for companies that host our tourists to cancel excursions to the Thai capital for the period of likely mass opposition rallies," the commentary noted. - Russians, those in the city need to be careful, adhere to all the requirements of the security forces and not visit places where demonstrators are crowded. "

Opposition forces 13 January intend to shut down transport in Bangkok at twenty major intersections, allowing the movement only to public transport and ambulances. In addition, the demonstrators intend to deprive the water supply and de-energize the main government buildings, which have been done many times before. The action, called "Close Bangkok", according to opposition plans, will last for twenty days.

As the authorities promise, the rule of law in the city will be ensured, besides the police, by military personnel. If there are provocations and bloodshed, the government is preparing to impose a state of emergency in the country. The opposition, whose ideological core is coming from the Democratic Party, is trying to achieve the immediate resignation of Chinnawat, the acting prime minister, and in addition, the cancellation of special elections scheduled for February 2 to the National Assembly (Parliament) of Thailand.

Despite the boycott of the elections, which was announced by the Democrats, a record number of parties participate in the election campaign - more than fifty. Attempts by the protesters to cancel the vote, not even allowing self-nominees to register, were successful in the 28 electoral districts in the 8 provinces.