The largest NATO fleet decided to keep in service the completely obsolete and obsolete Harpoon cruise missiles

Great Britain is forced to use cruise missiles on the ships of the fleet, which are more than 50 years old.

Despite the fact that the UK calls its fleet one of the most powerful and armed in Europe, it became known that the Royal Navy of Great Britain was forced to extend the operation of the Harpoon anti-ship missile system, the development of which was completed back in 1968.

To date, the Harpoon cruise missile is morally obsolete, and the efficiency of hitting protected sea targets is less than 50%, due to the fact that the missile has a flight speed of only about 1000-1050 km / h, which makes it possible its effective interception by almost any modern anti-aircraft installation or air defense means.

In the UK, however, they claim that the missile is still very good, and provides reliable protection for the ships of the Royal Navy.

“We are pleased to continue to support the Harpoon program. It is a vital part of the anti-ship arsenal of Type-23 frigates and Type-45 destroyers, which allows them to feel safe wherever they are. "said Martin Laity, director of special systems for Babcock.

Experts draw attention to the fact that one of the reasons for the lack of replacement is the actual impossibility of developing a new anti-ship missile with indicators that allow it to be effectively used by ships in service with the British Navy.