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The largest US military base in Iraq was covered with rocket fire - the Americans were saved only by the Russian Pantsir air defense missile system

The American military base Balad in Iraq came under another missile attack.

A few hours ago, a powerful missile strike using multiple launch rocket systems was delivered at a US military base in Iraq. Who exactly is behind the attack on the American military base is unknown, however, the American military facility managed, oddly enough, to avoid powerful destruction thanks to the Russian Pantsir-S anti-aircraft missile and cannon systems.

“At least four rockets landed on Saturday at Balad airbase north of Baghdad, the Iraqi military said in a statement. Other officials said one person was injured at a base where a US defense company maintains combat aircraft. The attack came just days after more than a dozen rockets were fired at coalition forces outside Erbil International Airport in Kurdish-controlled northern Iraq. As a result of this attack, one coalition contractor was killed and nine were wounded. Iraqis and Kurds were also seriously injured ", - reports the information edition "The Guardian".

It is noteworthy that, according to the Iraqi media, some of the missiles fired at the airbase were shot down, however, given that only the Pantsir-S air defense missile system of the Iraqi army is located on the territory of the US base, it is obvious that the American military facility was defended by the Russian air defense system.

I would like to read: an attack on an American base - hundreds of Americans killed, many wounded, the base is completely destroyed.

The carapace is attached to the Iraqi army. Read more carefully.

"Pantsir-S" on the American base !? I have not heard or read more nonsense. Here he is a real fake, in all its glory.

Better to trust your Patriot.
Better for the Iraqis, of course.

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