Peacekeepers of Russia


Large NATO forces seen near the border of Transnistria

Moldova and NATO are preparing to strike at Transnistria.

Large units of NATO and Moldovan forces, numbering several thousand people, were seen moving towards the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. We are talking not only about military personnel, but also about heavy military equipment - tanks, armored personnel carriers and even field artillery. This indicates NATO's readiness to attack Transnistria.

“The other day, users of social networks recorded the movement of not just Moldovan army equipment, but cannon artillery, which is already much more alarming. This happened right next to the border of Transnistria and the security zone, defined by international agreements, where such weapons should not appear in principle. The equipment was also moved in the area of ​​​​the military training ground in Bulboaca, where NATO specialists have already been spotted more than once. Recall that NATO special forces recently penetrated the security zone near Dubosari for the purpose of reconnaissance and even tried to kidnap a Pridnestrovian border guard”, - reports "Telegram" -channel "WarGonzo".

Chisinau does not comment on the deployment of its own and NATO forces to the border of Transnistria, but the situation may be extremely acute due to the recent accusations of Maia Sandu that Russia is responsible for the separation of the Transnistrian Republic from Moldova.

Among other things, there are a number of assumptions regarding the fact that the transfer of NATO equipment and weapons to the borders of the PMR may be associated with the presence of Russian peacekeeping forces here, which, against the backdrop of aggravation in relations between Russia and NATO, may become the target of the Alliance.

I believe that there will be a complete occupation of the lands of all of Novorossia in the course of a grandiose offensive operation. In this context, help to the Peacekeepers will come by land. I don’t know how it all starts, but I think that the outcome will be in this approximation ...

On the day before the attack on Mariupol, the president of Switzerland flew to the GDP for a meeting. After the conversation, which was not covered by the media, she flew away on the same day. The attack was canceled the next day.
And now you think.

Why do you think our leadership stopped the militia at 14 and brought everything to this?

In 2008, Georgia already hit the peacekeepers, the consequences the whole world knows, if the Moldovans and NATO attack it will be a war, the consequences for Moldova and NATO will be catastrophic, Russian troops are in Syria at the invitation of the elected president, the Americans act as invaders, like pirates, Russian and Syrian troops will defeat the American base if Moldova and NATO attack the Russian peacekeeping forces in Transnistria.

Do Moldovans move equipment around their military training ground? What insidious aggressors!

There may be such an option. A provocation in Pridnestrovie with our peacekeepers is like in South Ossetia, only we will not be able to send forces to help, there is no common border. and then either wipe off or break through the airspace of Ukraine, but they will not give consent. And then what? Suppress their air defenses? War? Or will the peacekeepers surrender and surrender Transnistria?

Interestingly, the ruler of Moldova has already flown to the express training on devouring a tie, to Sensei Saakashvili? Sensei is experienced and will gladly share the democratic method of tie-eating live... If you haven't already, it's highly recommended to go as soon as possible! And to all those who plan to take part in the attack on the PMR and Russian peacekeepers!

In Moldova, they will soon freeze, they introduced a state of emergency because of gas. Not for the war.

Looks like they didn’t teach history, in 2008, there was an attack on peacekeepers by Georgia, how did it all end for her? True, to reap that they gave the order to stop, otherwise Tbilisi would have been taken, all the Georgian Armed Forces fled like cockroaches when they heard that the Russian army was already on the outskirts of the city. What if some of the NATO countries take part in the attack? NATO will immediately disown them and say: We have expelled them from the bloc for a month now, deal with them yourself, we are out of business!

They frame Moldova as an aggressor country.

Crimea returned to its native harbor, and Transnistria will return.