Broken hail aircraft


A large hail damaged the plane of an American airline

The passenger airliner of the American company "Delta Air Lines"Was damaged by a large hail.

During the flight, the passenger airliner got into a thunderstorm front, and during the flight through it, the aircraft received serious damage from hail - according to the available aviation resource, the aircraft's nose cone, wings and glass in the cockpit were severely damaged ... Upon receiving the first damage, the commander of the aircraft decided to make an emergency landing at Denver airport, while, as it became known from the airport representatives, none of the passengers was injured, but the airliner needs urgent repair.

Passengers who flew from Boston to Salt Lake City reported on their pages in social networks that there was a real chaos and panic in the cabin, and this also applies to a number of crew members, in particular flight attendants.

At the moment, the Federal Agency for Civil Aviation (FAA) is trying to establish all the circumstances of the incident.


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