Helicopter crash


The crash of a helicopter in the urban quarter in South Korea

A helicopter exploded in the center of the South Korean town of Kwaju.

According to first reports from the scene, a helicopter, flying over city blocks, flashed and exploded in a matter of moments. After the explosion, the air vehicle fell on apartment buildings, as a result of which the number of victims of the incident could increase. At the moment, we are talking about five victims who were inside the helicopter.

On the site of the incident, teams of rescuers and firemen are working, and a special commission has already begun to investigate what happened. At the moment, the version of the fuel leakage is being processed, which could serve as a quick ignition, and then for the subsequent explosion.

It is worth noting that in South Korea, an emergency incident involving a helicopter was no longer the first this week - just the day before yesterday there was a crash of another air vehicle, which killed 5 people.