Cruise missiles, precision bombs, hypersonic weapons and the most powerful electronic warfare system: construction of the Messenger bomber began in Russia

Russian aircraft manufacturers have begun creating the innovative Russian messenger bomber.

Sources in the military-industrial complex of Russia reported that Russian specialists have begun the construction phase of the newest domestic stealth bomber Messenger, which is a bomber of the PAK DA project. The Russian aircraft will carry a wide range of weapons, ranging from standard bomb loads, and ending with strategic missiles, hypersonic missile weapons, as well as powerful electronic warfare systems.

“Russia has begun construction of the first prototype strategic stealth bomber within the framework of the program“ Long-range Aviation Advanced Aviation Complex ”(PAK DA, item 80). "One of the aircraft factories in the structure of the United Aircraft Corporation will be engaged in the manufacture of glider elements of the first machine, the development of detailed design documentation has been completed, and the supply of materials has begun," the source said. The aircraft will be capable of carrying existing and promising strategic cruise missiles, high-precision bombs, hypersonic weapons, and will be equipped with the latest communications and electronic warfare equipment. The machine will receive subsonic flight speed ", - the TASS publication informs about it.

It should be clarified that at the moment the image of the Russian strategic missile carrier bomber was not presented to the general public, however, it is obvious that this may be due to the special secrecy of this project.

Currently, the timing of the project is still unknown, however, given the emerging data, there are no real problems with the “Messenger”.

When this project fails, apparently they are announcing the construction of a flying saucer or stool.

I won’t be surprised if one day they find a scribbled word in three letters somewhere on the skin ..