Crimea fired on US rockets from Romania - at least two missiles fired

NATO has demonstrated open aggression against Crimea.

The territory of the Russian Crimean peninsula was subjected to rocket fire using American Himars systems. According to the Russian military, several missiles were fired from Romania, after which the systems were urgently transferred to Germany. Taking into account the range of strikes by the American "Himars" systems, the entire western and southwestern coast of the Crimean peninsula came under attack from these MLRS.

“The US military deployed long-range multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) in Romania and fired several missiles towards the Crimea, and then hastily returned the MLRS to Germany, the whole operation took several hours. According to the authors of the article, this was an unpleasant surprise for the Russian group in Crimea ", - the Russian news agency "RIA Novosti" reports about it with reference to the American media.

At what exact distance from the peninsula the missiles fell is not reported, but this is a very serious provocation on the part of NATO, since Russia could very well have launched its own missile strike without any warning.

Experts believe that in this way the North Atlantic Alliance tested Russian air defense systems, intending to cause a response from the Russian air defense, which would allow reading information about the operation of radars of complexes and systems in a passive and active mode.

Vladimir, Japan also INCREASES when the North Korean People's Democratic Republic fires experimental rockets through them and in front of them ... It's unpleasant, you know :))

Russia is the enemy of all mankind

Well, then it is so .. now the Russian Federation can release its training missiles in the direct visibility zones of Antalya, for example)

And why pump? The rockets fell into the sea in line of sight.

Himars is an old non-long-range MLRS. And only 4 missiles :) Or you can equip one tactical missile with a range of only 140 km. This will barely reach from the coast of Romania to the coast of Crimea.
Those. the practical use of Himars in this case is zero. Just not a very clever demonstration of something