Lukashenka elections


Who won the elections in Belarus? 97% voted for Lukashenka!

The preliminary results of the presidential elections in Belarus have become known.

According to Belarusian sources, there are no presidential elections in the country, the current leader of the country, Alexander Lukashenko, wins with an absolute lead over his rivals - 97% of the country's citizens voted for him.

"Polls at the exits from polling stations of citizens of the Republic of Belarus voting early in the presidential elections give 97% for the current President Alexander Lukashenko", - reports the "Belarusian Insider".

At the moment, this information is unofficial, since one of the innovations of the current elections in Belarus is the non-disclosure of the preliminary voting results, however, earlier experts concluded that Alexander Lukashenko will remain in power "due to the lack of more worthy candidates."

“Lukashenka has no real rivals. The likelihood that the Belarusian people will vote for the wife of an unknown blogger (Svetlana Tikhanovskaya - editor's note) is minimal, and Lukashenka's main competitors were not even allowed to participate in the elections. ", - said in the message of Russian political scientist Alexander Semenov on his Facebook page.

It should be clarified that Lukashenko is running for the presidency of Belarus for the sixth time, however, the situation on the territory of the country is very tense, since troops and special forces are gathering in Minsk and other large cities.

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