Cuba and Venezuela did not allow Russia to deploy military bases on their territory

Cuba and Venezuela refused to place Russian military bases on their territory.

Plans for the possible deployment of Russian military bases, infrastructure and missile weapons on the territory of such Latin American states as Cuba and Venezuela have been thwarted. According to Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, at the moment the deployment of Russian military facilities in Cuba and Venezuela is impossible, since these countries seek to get out of isolation and the appearance of Russian military facilities on the territory of these Latin American countries violates their national interests.

“Cuba, Venezuela are countries close to us, our partners, countries that pursue an independent foreign policy. But these are absolutely sovereign countries. We cannot place anything with them ... simply because it should be consistent with their geopolitical positioning, with their own national interests.- said Dmitry Medvedev.

Earlier it was reported that Russia could already negotiate with Venezuela and Cuba regarding this issue. In particular, it was reported about the visit to Latin America of representatives of the FSB, as well as the board of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. Nevertheless, it is likely that Havana and Caracas refused Russia the deployment of military facilities on their territory.

At the same time, it is known that Venezuela is interested in expanding military-technical cooperation with Russia. This does not rule out the possibility that this country may provide Russia with its military airfields and ports for regular visits by strategic combat aviation and navy.

Moscow is expected to make a decision on retaliatory measures against the US and NATO this or next week.

Maybe we don't need bases there. Or maybe a ostentatious refusal (disinformation). And in a couple of weeks, missiles will suddenly appear in Cuba, we don’t know everything.

Well, firstly, Medvedev decides little, or rather nothing at all, secondly, maybe PUTIN DID NOT WANT THIS, and thirdly, this may be part of the general scenario - a game that takes place on the division of the world, and then listen to this comrade, you don’t respect, maybe he just voices what he is asked to.

(But these are absolutely sovereign countries. We cannot place anything with them, ... simply because it should be consistent with their geopolitical positioning, with their own national interests,” Dmitry Medvedev said.)
And where did you get such information??? If you refer to Medvedev, then he did not say a word about what their national interests are. He said that we must respect them, without their consent we can't post anything!!!
So where is the source from? Or is the West paying you???

With such a leadership of the country and their hangers-on, nothing surprising.

Cuba can hope for another 150 years.

This is just the private opinion of Medvedev, who has become a pacifist. And the fact that his son lives and does business in the United States, most likely has nothing to do with it.

Nothing surprising. Why would they mess with an economically decrepit country?

A military base in Cuba is very expensive, in the current situation there is no need for it. Submarines with ballistic missiles will solve all issues, as well as new hypersonic missiles, which are much cheaper and less vulnerable. And military bases are becoming obsolete, the 21st century is coming, new realities

So this was to be expected after such a treacherous policy, Cuba, Afghanistan, Yugoslavia, and to remember how their Russian people were abandoned in the former republics of the USSR and are still spread rot there, is this not the height of unforgivable disgust and continuing betrayal.

At one time we betrayed many, now we get what we deserve.

so it was quite expected..!!!! It is strange that they fanfare about the base in Cuba and Maduro .. without even asking Their opinion .. Hats have already begun to be thrown up! Some kind of collective farm ... They should not have been withdrawn from Cuba and not betrayed! .. And now they suddenly remembered .. it turns out there is Cuba ..!

Yes, because everyone knows that this is the road to nowhere.

Why, then, do we need such allies, and help them, forgive debts?

Not allowed. Is it right?

Does Cuba need it???
Once thrown, the second is no longer wanted!


It was we who "threw" Cuba and not only in the 90s ..... Gorbachev, Yeltsin, and Putin abandoned bases in Cuba and Vietnam at the beginning of the century.

And what, who then had doubts!?
Who wants to go to the guillotine just like that!

no need for geostationary - 36 thousand km to fly a hypersonic rocket - this is much further than 12 thousand on Earth :))))

Russian President Vladimir Putin, during telephone conversations with the heads of Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua, agreed to develop cooperation in all areas, including military-technical cooperation, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Wednesday. We friendly states have agreed to consider further ways to deepen our strategic partnership in all areas without exception," Lavrov said. And Medvedev is always about his own ..

Found friends.

Withdraw business from there and curtail all military contacts. let's see how long they last

Where is the truth here, and where is the lie, you will never understand!

Nonsense. No one made an official request, no one refused. There is no need for this.

lies. Russia is not repeated.

Paradox, "Poseidons." most likely, the United States is already lying about this, most likely they know, but they don’t know where.

Can be placed in space in geostationary orbit.

Ukraine, then, can be ordered to join or not to join ...
And Venezuela, it turns out, can decide its own policy.
Logic though...

well, yes, it's not my fault, he came himself. funny

The US does not want to be friends with these regimes. Therefore, there should be bases!

Nuclear submarines around the states are both more reliable in terms of detection and neutralization by the enemy and cheaper in terms of maintenance. And there the Poseidons will catch up. Well, this is my personal opinion...

And even Cuba threw rf

there is no need to put them under attack. submarines off the coast of the United States are much more efficient

So "not allowed" and "refused" or "probably refused"?

This was to be expected. They threw Cuba, and now they remembered ...

The iPhone has been saying this for a long time.



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